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Zuzu Petals was an angel on earth. Monica, her human soulmate, told me Zuzu’s presence was healing and she would have a sense for people that were in desperate need of love. Once finding that someone, she would enfold this person with restorative energy. In hearing of her passing, many people that met her shared similar stories about Zuzu’s magical ability to provide love. Monica described Zuzu as that gentle companion that one always dreams of when they get a dog. She almost made it to her 8th birthday, but her lungs couldn’t handle the battle of cancer. Now Zuzu Petals is an angel in heaven, and I think she is still sending healing energy from above. 

Zuzu Petal's soulmate 
Monica Ramsey said,
"Honestly, I burst into tears when Julia handed it (the painting) to me, it was as if Zuzu suddenly came home again. I am tearing up just writing this now. Julia is an INCREDIBLE artist and even more so, spirit. She took the time to get to know Zuzu's heart through stories and captured her unique and beautiful zest for life. She really did express her happiness with this kind of exuberance. How Julia managed to capture it is a mystery and a gift to me. She will never be gone from me again. I feel at peace with her passing now. Thank you Julia - so very much!!!"

Ellie photo collection.JPG

Whitney and her beloved pup Ellie were together for 9 years. Whitney got Beagle/Bassett hound mix Ellie when she was 8 weeks old from the Kentucky Humane Society. Her litter had been dropped off there. She was the last of the litter left. Whitney wasn't planning on getting a puppy because she was busy in medical school, but Whitney fell in love with her sweet brown eyes and cute big velvet ears. I knew I had to have her! They were together for 8 and a half years. Whitney had to put Ellie down on July 2, 2020, after she was found to have advanced cancer. Ellie was the sweetest little girl and so precious! She always wanted to kiss everyone she met and never knew a stranger. All got kissed! 

Whitney Goldsberry, Ellie's person companion,  said,
"I absolutely LOVED your painting of Ellie. It encompassed her sweetness perfectly. Those sweet puppy eyes! Thank you for helping revive her sweet love."


Maria was a best friend and precious companion to the Hohlbein family. Maria was always there, greeting, hanging out, playing loving, giving, cuddling.  The family feels that there will not come a time that everyone will ever stop missing her or thinking of her. Maria was with the Hohlbeins for 15 years and was known by friends and family.  And so when visitors come to visit and see Maria's portrait painting, they say “Maria she was so wonderful!!  Wow, that is really her!”  

Maria's person-companion
Visala Hohlbein shared,
"I was speechless and teary-eyed when I saw the stunning portrait of Beloved Maria. Julia is a very talented painter who has a special connection with animals. Somehow Julia was able to capture her essence and match in the painting exactly how we know and remember our beloved friend. Julia gets to know your beloved pet - to meet, understand, and learn about their energy. And she works with you to find out what exactly you are interested in and then together you make a plan. She then somehow magically paints their very energy into the portrait. I was amazed when I saw and felt how the work turned out. Julia thank you for helping us heal from the loss of our dear Maria! What a talented artist you are! I feel grateful that you share your gift!"


Paxton is a kind and curious and intelligent boy. He enjoys meeting new people and going on adventures, especially outdoors. He also loves to be a helper. His favorite foods are s’mores and mac and cheese.

Paxton's Grandma Vicki Stevens said, "I have had  several pieces done by Julia, and her work is nothing short of amazing. She captures the portrait perfectly and it is a keepsake for a lifetime. I am so proud of her, and really happy that she is doing art full time, as that is what she was born to do. I love her work so much, and know you will too!!"


Beloved Manny was a particular cat. He wasn't one to snuggle but loved to be near other pets and people. Playfulness was expressed in short bungling bursts. Manny, although small, took up most of the sofa and would give side-eye if his space was being encroached on. He didn’t like to jump in fear of missing the leap- which happened, embarrassment followed and his parents pretended not to see.  A favorite snack was cheese; and he also had an interest in road trips.  Manny lived with his parents for five years; albeit, shorter than expected, he had quickly become a trusting  and loveable companion.

Manny's parents  Elka & Taylor
 said, "We received this portrait as a gift from friends after the death of our cat Manny. Julia's portrait is fresh, bright, and absolutely beautiful. She captured Manny's softness and sweetness perfectly. Working with Julia was a pleasure - she was thoughtful as we processed our grief, and graciously provided a space for us to share stories about Manny. It's clear to see that she incorporated it all into her work. We absolutely love it. Thank you!"

Newt photo collection.jpg

Newt was born the day after Boston Terrier, Gus, passed away. Steve and Chris were completely devastated by their loss but Steve's dad joked with them that Gus sent Newt down from heaven just to drive them nuts and they think he was right. In her five years, Newt has become the sweetest little girl they could imagine! She’s protective and needy, viscous and lovable, and has brought so much light in darker times. She is their princess and the glue that holds Steve and Chris's little family together.

Newt's family member 
Steve Alexander said, "Julia worked very hard to recreate our dog's unusual coloration and it turned out beautifully, but what really got me was the way she so perfectly captured the mischief in our pup's eyes.  Julia is so easy to work with and has impeccable attention to detail.  I will recommend her every time."

Frank photo collection.JPG

Jordan got Frank as a puppy when he was 19 years old and they became best friends. They went everywhere together. Frank was such a friendly and loyal dog who was loved by everyone. Jordan and his cousin eventually started a business with Frank as the logo. We called it "Lucky Dog".

Jordan Stevens, Frank's best friend, expressed,
"Julia is one of the most talented artists I have ever come across. Her portraits use vivid photorealism and capture her subject with perfection. Julia's ancestor, Hans Holbein the Younger, was a renaissance master and did custom portraits for the likes of King Henry VIII! Once you see her work in person you will have no doubt that she is truly a master! Her art pieces are hard to believe and if you order one of them you will cherish it for a lifetime! Thanks so much for making such a beautiful piece of art for me to remember my friend Frank!"


Louie was the loveable family dog for the Rostomily's four kids' formative years. Louie had a kind gentle soul. He was the “stud “ of the neighborhood. Many dogs sought out his attention, albeit, he usually was not interested. The Rostomily family and Louie always looked forward to their walks through Montlake Park. And every time someone came home, Louie would greet the family with a shoe or something he found to pick up in the house. He passed away when he was 14 1/2 old, which is a long life for a Labrador and the family shared that they cherished every moment with him and miss him dearly.

Family member of Louie, 
Gigi Rostomily expressed,
"Julia's work is spectacular; she catches the soul of your pet in her work. Julia captured Louie's spirit. Her painting brings a warm smile to all who knew him. The details in the painting and the obvious energy she portrayed in Louie makes the painting a prized possession in my home. Everyone that has a pet should get on a waitlist if they want a keepsake of their pet."


Blix was the Quackenbush family's first dog and the 4 kids were over the moon. They smothered Blix with love and cuddles right from the beginning as if he was a baby sibling. Blix always liked to be nearby but not right in the action. Perhaps a household of 6 was a little too busy for his introverted personality.  A family favorite trait of Blix was his eagerness to wake people up. You'd ask him, "Do you want to get...the boys?" and he would tear up the stairs, wagging his stub of a tail the whole way. Blix would travel with the family 2000 miles across the country (and back) each summer. The Suburban's cargo area was always packed to the ceiling with suitcases, but the family always carved out a spot big enough for Blix's bed and he was delighted. Blix and the family had a beautiful 14 years together.

Blix's owner Kelly Quackenbush shared, "Julia, thank you for the beautiful portrait of Blix that I just received yesterday as a birthday gift. You have carefully, thoughtfully, and exquisitely captured his loyal, loving essence -especially his eyes connecting deeply into our own eyes - and this will always remain a fresh and living connection we feel with him even though he's gone. Thank you so much!! You have a great talent!!"


Eleana adopted Vinny  from  Church Pug Rescue in 2021; and she adds that it feels like they've been together for much longer than 2 years. They are each other's cuddly companion and best friend. Vinny is Eleana's  little shadow.  Besides giving hugs to Eleana, Vinny's favorite activity is to walk with her to a park and run off leash. 

Eleana Stevens shared,
"Julia's painting shows the sparkle in Vinny's eye, and his big happy smile. His fawn fur with his black accents are reflected in the rich tones on the canvas. The painting sits front and center in my living room and I regularly get comments from friends that it looks just like him, and captures him so well. I always point to the painting followed by a pet and him,  'look Vin, that's you!' This painting is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Thank you Julia for your beautiful work!"


Diego is a warrior. While on a family trip on Decatur Island, he accidently got separated from the group during their daily walk. The family searched tirelessly for him and were not having any luck.  Diego's sole companion, Ruth, was  devastated.  The family returned back to Seattle heartbroken... However, one family member decided to stay to work on the family cabin. After five days of being missing, Diego had miraculously found his way back to the cabin. The stars had aligned for Diego to be rescued. Ruth was overjoyed to have Diego back in her arms and shared, "I love my little boy. Diego listens to me... all of my good things and my sorrows, and he is patient with me. I have no one else here.  Every morning when I wake up, I thank him for taking me on a walk.  I am 85 years old and I wouldn't do the walking without my Diego."  At age 14, Diego has a second chance to go on those walks with his best friend.  Ruth has had Diego since 2010.

Human soul mate to Diego, Ruth Hohlbein, expressed, "The painting is so beautiful, I absolutely love it! It is more beautiful than the photograph. This will be in my heart forever and I will never forget it. Julia is the most talented person I have ever met. When I walk past the painting, I have the feeling that Diego is going to jump out of the painting because it feels so alive. It is unbelievable."


Kai is a 4 year old Border Collie who loves cheese and joining his people companions Alex and Brad on mountain bike rides! Alex has such a love for Kai; I loved hearing about all of the ways Alex treasures her constant pup companion. I believe everyone needs to have this love in their life. It is such a joy for me to meet people who have this love with their pets. Alex, it was such a pleasure to work with you.

Kai's owner Alex Mynatt shared, "Julia truly captured Kai’s spirit and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for all the hours, hard work, and talent you put into creating beautiful portraits of my best furry friend. I know I'll cherish these paintings forever. We love them!"


Larry bounded into Jane and Marco's lives in 2006, just after they got married. They adopted him from a litter of pups that were found in a barn in Eastern Washington.  Larry stood out because, as a friend pointed out, “it looked like someone splattered him with black paint.” Larry was an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix and one of the smartest dogs they’ve ever known. He was a velcro dog - he wanted to be with Jane and Marco wherever they went and would circle in between their legs when arriving home. Larry loved the frisbee and could jump to Marco’s shoulder height to grab it. He had a big long tongue like Scooby-Doo and would give the softest doggie kisses ever. Larry was 14.5 years old in November when he passed peacefully in their arms.

Larry's owner
Jane Savarise said, "I surprised my husband Marco with a painting by Julia Vo of our beloved 13-year-old dog, Larry, for his birthday.  He was moved to tears.  Julia captured Larry’s vibrant spirit, his wagging tail, and the detail of the leaves in the forest, beautifully.  Working with Julia was a treat.  From the choosing of the photo to check-ins along the way, she communicated clearly and made the process enjoyable.  We miss our sweet, smart boy and are so grateful for this painting of him doing what he loved best, running through the woods. We will cherish this painting forever."

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